Mila Brings Sonoma to Northeast Ohio

The Plain Dealer
Marc Bona
June 1, 2020

Winemaking requires a variety of skills, demands hard work, and pulls out every ounce of patience in those working the grapes. Michael Oravecz and Loretta DiChiro have that patience and passion.


Fall Bounty: A Tale of Terroir

Curated Magazine
Mark Ellwood
Fall/Winter 2019

One overarching inspiration is DiChiro’s Italian family heritage, which included many farmers who tended their land in traditional methods, without chemicals.


Three Rosés Worth Celebrating

Akron Beacon Journal
Phil Masturzo
June 9, 2020

My favorite rosé of the 2019 season has been Mila Family Vineyards’ estate-grown Rosé of Grenache… I have been sampling the wine with some of DiChiro’s appetizer creations… The pairings are heavenly.


Grand Cru in Windsor

San Francisco Examiner
Lyle Norton
April 29, 2018

If I returned to Grand Cru tomorrow, here are the wines I would hand-select: … The whole-cluster-pressed Mila Family Vineyards Prima Grenache, an alternative red from their 54-acre wine farm in northeast Sonoma County.

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